The measrdroid team

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle

+49 89 289 – 18030
Dipl.-Inf. Johann Schlamp

+49 89 289 – 18003

Our team has been greatly supported by various students:
  • Oliver Feldmann, »Crowd-based Weak Point Analysis of Cellular Network Coverage«, Master thesis, 2014
  • Thomas Pieronczyk, »Visual Analysis of Anonymized Wifi Data«, Master thesis, 2013
  • Leonhard Rabel, student worker, 2012–2013
  • Timo Lamprecht, »Visual analysis of anonymized location and movement data«, Bachelor thesis, 2013
  • Anupama Jha, student worker, 2012–2013
  • Michael Faath, »Analysis of content delivery networks with an Android-based measurement framework«, Master thesis, 2013
  • Daniel Kraffner, »Added value for mobile users based on crowd intelligence data collected with MeasrDroid«, Bachelor thesis, 2013
  • Dhyan Blum, »An analysis of the mobile Internet based on Android measurement nodes«, Bachelor thesis, 2013
  • Axel Gerster, »MeasrDroid: Improving the user experience in cellular networks based on the evaluation of large-scale measurements on Android devices«, Diploma thesis, 2012
  • Christian Meindl, »An analysis framework for cellular networks based on user-assisted measurements of the MeasrDroid infrastructure«, Bachelor thesis, 2012
  • Jan Seeger, student worker, 2012
  • Lucas Pizzagalli, student worker, 2011–2012
  • Simon Wagner, »User-assisted analysis of cellular network structures«, Bachelor thesis, 2011