Privacy Agreement

This app is part of the measrdroid project at Technische Universität München, Germany. Its purpose is to collect technical data that will be used for scientific research. In particular, the measrdroid researchers will never publish personal data nor share it with third parties.

Please read the following parts of this agreement carefully, and accept it when starting to use the app.

Contents of this Agreement

 • Purpose of the app
 • Collected data sets
 • Data retention and disclosure
 • Security and risks

1. Purpose of this app

measrdroid is a research project aimed at better understanding the Internet as a whole. To achieve this goal, a large number of measuring devices is necessary in order to get different views on the Internet. The data collected by this app is uploaded to servers at Technische Universitä München, stored for the duration of the project, and analyzed from a technical point of view. Social data like contacts, messages, or call histories will never be read nor uploaded.

2. Collected data sets

The measrdroid app collects approximately 335 single data points per measurement. These data points can be grouped into the following groups:
Hardware Info:
Detailed information about the device hardware, e.g. model, manufacturer, CPU, RAM etc.
Environment Sensors:
Environment sensors provided by hardware (some might not be installed)
Your Location:
Details about current location and positioning techniques
Network Info:
Technical data about network connection, including active measurements
Device Status:
The current status of your device, e.g. battery status
Task details:
Details about a specific measurement task provided by our researchers
Various data about your current signal strength
measrdroid Usage:
application-specific usage data
measrdroid Core Settings:
Your measurement preferences

These measurements can be deactivated (partially and as a whole) at any time.

3. Data retention and disclosure

All data that is uploaded will be retained for the duration of the measrdroid project. Access to this data is restricted to associated researchers only. measrdroid users can request to delete their data at any time.

In particular, no raw data will be published nor shared with third parties. We may only disclose information under the following conditions:
• Aggregated statistics (like number of users, percentage of wifi usage etc.)
• Fully anonymized data (i.e. with no personally identifiable information attached to it)
• Unified data sets (i.e. information that applies to more than 50 users at the same time)

4. Security and risks

measrdroid implements strong security measures. All data sets are encrypted before the upload, and will be decrypted and analyzed solely on a server disconnected from the Internet. In addition, all downloaded configuration items are cryptographically signed by that server in order to prevent forgery.

This agreement does not attempt to assess the risks of sharing your data, nor of disclosing this data as described above. You must assess and accept the risks of contributing to the measrdroid project before you agree to participate.

If you do not agree to the aforementioned terms, please do not install the app.